Orofacial pain is pain perceived in the face and/or oral cavity. It is caused by diseases or disorders of regional structures, by dysfunction of the nervous system, or through referral from distant sources. Treatment of orofacial pain is a specialty in dentistry in many parts of the world and an emerging area of specialization in others.  (International Association for the Study of Pain Fact Sheets on Orofacial Pain, Gary M Heir, Chairman, http://www.iasp-pain.org/Advocacy/Content.aspx?ItemNumber=1078)

Simply explained, while the majority of pain perceived around the head, face and neck  may be from teeth or structures supporting the teeth, there are a large number of patients with facial pain of non-dental causes that become chronic over time if not treated.

Pain due to dysfunction of sensory nerves such as neuralgia, neuritis or neuropathies, temporomandibular disorders or pain from  the jaw or jaw muscles, or a variety of headache disorders  may masquerade as toothache or be the source of chronic orofacial pain.

Diagnosis is the key before treatment begins.

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